This time of year, we’d usually be gearing up for our signature event, Scholars’ Day. This year, it's anything but usual.

Across the country, there are mounting concerns that the pause in traditional classroom instruction due to the COVID-19 health crisis will deter the most at-risk scholars from continuing on the path of higher education. For over 25 years, OJS has believed education is the surest way out of poverty. As such, we take this crisis seriously and as a result, we are rising to the challenge.

Make no mistake, low-income communities will be the hardest hit during the economic downturn brought on by our nation’s critical and necessary response to Covid-19. OJS’ mission is at a historical crossroads. Without increased support and guidance, the gaps in economic inequity will indelibly worsen. In this moment, and through truly worthwhile support, we seek corporate partners to work alongside OJS ensuring the most deserving scholars reach their full potential.

Be a beacon of the Long Beach community, transform hundreds of lives threatened by such trying times while mutually benefiting from partnering with a 25+ year community organization. Scholars’ Day has now transformed into our Together We Triumph campaign. Your investment and its visibility are truly unprecedented.

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