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Long Beach Unified School District is Los Angeles County’s second-largest school district. It is also in one of the most diverse, metropolitan cities in the nation. In 2017, the school district achieved a milestone in regards to its high school graduation rate, reaching 84.2% after years of trending upwards. With more students graduating high school than ever before, Operation Jump Start seeks to connect all college seeking individuals to college campuses both locally and nationally. Our nonprofit positively impacts low resourced, first generation students facing numerous obstacles, prohibiting them from achieving high school and college success thereafter. Given the recent rise of high school graduates here in the local community, there are more students primed to go on to earn a college degree. Yet, being the first individuals in their family to embark on such a path, making this dream a reality can often be a deterrent. Our committed heroes strive towards creating a future where deserving students have access to a college education regardless of socio-economic status.


Who are the Operation Jump Start Heroes?

Operation Jump Start's Heroes Champion for the educational achievement of more than 400 students here in Long Beach, California. These heroes are committed to the ongoing success of students facing adversity in Long Beach neighborhoods and step in to shield both the students and organization from threats of economic and social welfare downturns. This will enable students to consistently receive the resources and opportunities to flourish.


Heroes Receive Exclusive Access to

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  • Operation Jump Start Heroes newsletters
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  • Special recognition on Operation Jump Start's website and social media
  • Joining our students on a college tour, academic success events and more!


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Thank you for your commitment, advocacy, and participation in impacting the lives of hundreds of students aspiring to break the generational cycle of poverty and achieve educational opportunities they never thought were possible.