OJS serves about 350 students annually across all programs.

We exist explicitly to support our scholars getting into and graduating from college.

College Access

College Access begins equipping students in the 8th-grade with resources and continues to guide them on the path to college for the next three years. This is realized through individualized academic advising, intervention, and mentorship. Every student is matched with a mentor who provides guidance and support based on the student’s developmental needs. Parents are also provided with new capabilities to create environments that allow their students to academically thrive.

College Access students discover their full potential and enjoy an increase in confidence. With the opportunity to engage in educational workshops, social events, and cultural events, students deepen their ties to the Long Beach community and the world at large. (Learn More…)

College Success

College Success students learn how to navigate barriers first-generation college students face in higher education. Students engaged in this program have access to resources that provide the guidance for students to walk around their respective campuses with their heads held high, knowing they can access all that college has to offer.

These scholars graduate college with confidence in themselves and their abilities to live a life with greater opportunity and purpose. College Success students increase and embody civic engagement as well-prepared individuals who are eager to give back. (Learn More…)