College Success Program students learn how to navigate barriers that first-generation college students face in higher education. Students engaged in this program have access to resources that provide guidance for students to walk around their respective campuses with their heads held high knowing they can access all that college has to offer.

These scholars graduate college with confidence in themselves and their abilities to live a life with greater opportunity and purpose. College Success students increase and embody civic engagement as well-prepared individuals who are eager to give back.

College Success at a glance:

  • All students have access to individual counseling sessions to support you as you earn your degree
  • Academic advising is available to help you catalyze your college experience
  • Enlightening webinars on subject matters to impact your personal and professional development
  • Mix with other students in the program from local and national universities
  • Scholarships are available to assist with the costs of attending college or university
  • Professional development opportunities available through promising internships
  • Cost: Free for students

Student Requirements:

  • First-generation student
  • Attend LBUSD
  • GPA: 3.0 and above encouraged